We are in an ICO bubble!

WOULD you care to invest in Gnosis, a prediction market where users can bet on outcomes of events such as elections? Or in ZrCoin, a project to produce zirconium dioxide, used to make heat-resistant alloys? How about an “immersive reality experience” called “Back to Earth”? These are just three of a new wave of what […]

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Bitcoin and Ethereum change hands!

Earlier this week, Omise, the venture capital-backed startup behind the Ethereum-based technology OmiseGo, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and the Central Bank of Thailand came together to discuss the future of the Thai economy and its finance sector. Launched in 2013, Omise have strived to produce an efficient and secure infrastructure for payment processing using blockchain […]

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Dash all time higher than Ethereum!

  Fortune and Dash Force News both report that Dash is launching a “Blockchain Research Lab” in partnership with Arizona State University. The new lab will be hosted at ASU’s Fulton College of Engineering and will focus on such pertinent questions as scalability, mining centralization, Blockchain security and energy efficient mining. Earlier this year, Dash established offices at ASU’s Skysong […]

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You missed the bitcoin boat!

So this is something I’ve struggled with a lot: why didn’t I buy Bitcoin back when it was cheaper? I’d be rich right now! I’d have more money, more financial freedom, more everything. Why didn’t I make that one simple move and just buy some stupid Bitcoin when it was cheap? It’s a very easy […]

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Dash makes a Dash to the top

Dash, the cryptocurrency which was recently accepted by Apple for the App Store, goes for a bull run in the daily charts. A solid performer even in the recent crypto wide sell off for Bitcoin. 14.47% in the past 24 hours is a really solid spike and the 30 Minute chart shows the moves spontaneous origins. So what […]

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Buy a fraction of a house with Ethereum!

The power of the Ethereum Blockchain continues to permeate traditional models of business and investment with Real Estate the latest target. Through crowdfunding and smart contracts, REALbelieves that the inefficacy and illiquidity of this traditional institution of investment potential can be opened up. The idea of investing in real estate used to involve forking out huge sums of money […]

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What is going down with Ripple?

Disappointing daily performance charts for Ripple (XRP) after so much hype in the media recently. Is it really “Time to give ripple the respect it deserves”? Considering this significant drop is it now time to take all our capital and dump it for the reverse? If we rely on technical analysis we should not be pulling […]

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Let the games begin

Comparison candle sticks for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple & Ethereum Classic. From Jan 01 2017. Lets zoom in and look at the current Month. Current focus of our portfolio is between Ethereum and Bitcoin and various sub $1 ICO tokens. The real art will be when to switch investment from BTC into ETH closer […]

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How to beat FOMO

It’s been a big year for cryptocurrencies, with the total market cap for crypto jumping 6x since January 1st – from $18B to over $111B. The FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. New money is entering the market at a staggering rate – to the degree that many exchanges have had problems on-boarding and […]

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