Dash makes a Dash to the top

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Dash, the cryptocurrency which was recently accepted by Apple for the App Store, goes for a bull run in the daily charts. A solid performer even in the recent crypto wide sell off for Bitcoin.

14.47% in the past 24 hours is a really solid spike and the 30 Minute chart shows the moves spontaneous origins.

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So what has caused this sudden spike?

What about An official iOS compatible Dash wallet, built by the Dash Core Team, is now available at the App Store.


Cryptocurrency Exchange BitcoinFundi Now Allows to Trade Dash

to top it off

A Tech Startup Is Releasing a Wearable Cryptocurrency Payment Device


The Irish startup has developed the world’s first Dash cryptocurrency payment wristband. Named Festy, the device allows the wearer to pay for products with the Dash cryptocurrency. Users can add funds to their wrist-mounted “wallet” at a Festy-branded ATM or using an online transfer service.

Although Dash is a cryptocurrency, Festy is compatible with any point-of-sale system that accept Visa contactless payments. It can also be used to make payments on any phone or computer using near field communication (NFC) tags or offline payments via quick response (QR) codes. The wristband is designed primarily for bar and festival hoppers and can also be used to store tickets, which could play a role in eliminating fraud or verifying ages of compliance at events.


For customers, Festy offers several advantages over traditional credit cards. Payments made via the wearable are nearly immediate and a card number or private key is never displayed.

Vendors benefit from the system, too. “Our partnership with Dash makes the perfect payment solution for everyday transactions,” Bitcart CEO Graham de Barra told Bankless Times. “Unlike existing traditional bank payments that take a two to five percent fee, there is no cost on receiving Dash for merchants.”

A Better payment system

Its fair to say DASH is a good one for the crypto portfolio we have made 15.72% this month already on our investment. How high do we think it will climb? Where should we push this bull?

keep posted!


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